Swim Program

4M Swim and Recreation provides swimming instruction for persons ranging in age from 4 years to Adult. Typically, swimming class sessions will start in June and end in August. Each swimming class session lasts for 10 days. Classes are held are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM. Students attend classes with their age appropriate peers. A swimming class schedule with the age appropriate group is as follows:

Class Time
Age Category
9 AM -11 AM Ages 10 through 16
3 PM - 5 PM Ages 4 through 6
5 PM - 7 PM Ages 4 through 12
7 PM - 10 PM Adults

On the last day of the session, students are given an opportunity to show off their new skills. Observers that have had the chance to witness this spectacular event, know that it is something that should not be missed!