2018 All Day All Summer Enrichment Camp (6 weeks)

4MSC is running an All Day All Summer Enrichment Camp. This academic enrichment and swimming camp runs 9 to 5p daily for six weeks. Students may arrive as early 8:30a. Each morning students will work with a tenured Baltimore County teacher. After morning enrichment, students will join the swim class already in session. After lunch, students will participate in the afternoon swim class before going home. Students are required to bring their lunch daily. Each day in the afternoon before going home, a snack will be given to each camper. The daily snack and lunch (pizza party) will be given every Friday. On Wednesdays, deserving campers will take a field trip. Parents will have a schedule and will send in funds for the weekly excursions.

The All Day All Summer Enrichment Camp (ADASEC) 2018 Schedule:

Camp weeks of Operation:

Week 1: Monday, June 25th through Friday, June 29th

Week 2: Monday, July 9th through Friday, July 13th

Week 3: Monday, July 16th through Friday, July 20th

Week 4: Monday, July 23rd through Friday, July 27th

Week 5: Monday, Aug 6th through Friday, August 10th

Week 6: Monday, Aug 13th through Friday, August 17th

Campers do not have to attend consecutive weeks however minimally campers must attend at least four weeks of the six weeks available. If a camper attends three days in one week, it is considered/charged as a five day week. If a camper does not complete all of the weeks as initially signed-up and paid for, monies will be refunded based on the actual weeks attended. The chart below will be used as the official guide for refund calculations. All camp fees/balances must be paid in full by the first day of the first week the camper attends camp.

4 weeks: Price per week - $235

5 weeks: Price per week - $215

6 weeks: Price per week - $195

All Day All Summer Enrichment Camp

All Day All Summer Enrichment Pay Guide


*Campers will have daily academic enrichment.
*Deserving campers will participate in weekly field trips.
*Campers will learn how to swim or become a more proficient swimmer.